Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Project #1 - Board Game Intervention!

Assignment #1: Board Game Appropriation/Redesign/Seriously!

board game
  1. 1. any game played on a board, especially one that involves the movement of pieces on the board, such as chess or checkers.

A few of the most popular board games:
And so on…

Pick an existing board game to redesign. The primary objective is to create a new, playable version of the game in question based on the original design and rules of play. 

You will work in groups of 2 to redesign a board game based on:
-Social political themes – terrorism (ISIS, drones), guns (gun control, the NRA, mass shootings), the presidential election (Bernie, Hillary, Donald, etc.?), racism (police shootings, black lives matter), economics (minimum wage, the 1%, wall street), global warming, energy production (oil, gas, solar?)…

Pick a theme both you and your partner care about – or research and discover a theme upon which you both connect.  

To do this, you will need to research your topic thoroughly enough to come up with the structure and content of your game. Use MORE than the internet. You will need to document your resources on your blog.

Do this:
1. Choose partners. Determine your theme which game you wish to recreate. Day 1
2. Research your theme; day 2; bring in your first ideas and designs. 
3. Create a rough draft of the board on paper; this should be a playable prototype - Play the game yourselves; work out any "bugs".
4. Create the final board and pieces using the criteria below. Teach another team to play it.
5. Evaluate the games.

The final game board will be done on Mat board cut to be identical in size to the chosen game.  All pathways, squares, landing points etc are to be faithfully recreated to scale with your new content using any combination of illustrator and/or photoshop, printed and assembled.  All lettering must be neat, consistent in size and style, and easy to read according to the original game. Rules for the game should be easy to understand, typed, and mounted on piece of illustration board. Question cards, if needed should be made according to the original design with your content. Game pieces, dice – use the best method for reproduction possible – if this calls for finding or making 3D modeled pieces for 3d printing then this is what should be done!

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